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Well, it worked okay for the two loads I did--one kids' and one of mine. I think that's where the soaking comes in. I haven't tried it on anything really dirty/grimy. I did use a stain remover, though, on some of ds2's stuff(learning to keep his food on his fork lol!).

I've been using Xtra detergent w/bleach alternative. I switched from Tide a while back and just stuck with it--it gets the clothes clean and noone is allergic to it, and it's cheap! I also add a cup of baking soda(we have well water) and use vinegar instead of fabric softener. I use 1/4 of the recomended amount and let it suds up a bit before I throw the clothes in! I use more or less, depending on how dirty the clothes are--I have no qualms about using the full amount when I need to, but why waste it, ya' know?

Aren't those ac units a killer on the electric bill? As much as I want ac in our house, I cringe to think of the costs! What I do to help keep it cool is first, keep all the blinds on the "sunny" side shut! I open the other side for the air. I have fans everywhere! When I had ac at the apt, I put it on low and used a fan to move the air around. And I keep a baggie of damp washcloths in the fridge to cool off with!
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