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I just knew where to look... so you asked here it is
from Mustang..
Ear swelling is down. The type of surgery I had was cochlear fixes a deaf ear so they tell me. I guess I will find out when they turn it on next month on the 16th
Thanks Sister Linda... I'm feeling better and strange at the same time.. My health with a digiestion problem was what cause me to start the weight years ago.. No matter what I did it would not come off.
and my dr wouldn't give me nothing until I walked the amount he wanted me to which I couldn't because of my back and legs.
Mostly it was my digiestion system.. I started to take over the counter stuff that someone told me about, that I hadn't seen before, and after about a year of taking the medicne
the weight seems to be going by-by......

praying for Jenna she been on my mind some time now.

Linda Lou no I haven't but I didn't go to my mail box Sat or today yet... so will go tomorrow and check... thanks for whatever it is. YOU are a sweetie....

Lynette how is things going in getting the new shop in order for the move in?

and Mustang and Lisa doesn't come here I don't think... but seen them on other threads.. and at times my heart goes out to those that are on other threads that I post thier needs...

HOPE that not gossipe for I dont want it to be.
I just know there prayer warriors on here.

we sure are getting some new folks here at FC if you not been to the Introduce Yourself forum lately drop in.
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