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Hi there Sisters~

Hope all are doing well. I have a moment of spare time so thought I would check in and surf the boards.

Carol Ann.....we hope to hear you had a successful weight-in tomorrow!! Be sure and let us know how you did! My! I don't think any of us have ever been so excited about weight GAIN until now! But we love ya and hope to see the pounds add up for you until you reach the desirable weight. After all since the rest of us cannot share our 'bountiful blessings' we will simply have to pray for yours. ;-)

Bar-bar, I went to that web site you spoke of that Minny shared. That is a sweet little girl. I requested a couple bracelets and then I posted a "candle" message. She emailed me the sweetest note and signed it 'with God's blessings'! She is a doll! If you haven't checked it out already, please go to that site and then click on "candles" you will be touched to tears. This little girl has a heart of gold.

Lisa...hon, I am so sorry about your breakup. Keep your chin up and we will keep you in our prayers.

Barbara...I cannot remember what surgery Mustang had done. I read the posts and saw the pics but nothing told me what she had had done. Also, where is Tracy? Isn't she touching base on this thread nowadays? Still praying for Jenna and hope she receives my letter soon. Take care everyone....
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