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what saddness, parents suppose to go first not these babies... I'm sorry being 21 or 22 at times, are babies... YES they are men and women but in a parent's eyes they are babies.

Red... how is that family with the kids doing? saddness again.

carol tomorrow is weight time for you, hoping you gain the weight back, bless you big heart. LOL

I've not heard no news.... but you are right, they are all over the places, and we have so many

to our sisters, if you join the secret sisters, remember to do a daily prayer for your sister... I've received some emails that were very touching... and I know this is going to be a good thing...
and we could make a difference in thier lives, by reaching out to them...
May our light shine wherever we may be and whatever way GOD wants it to shine.

I may not pos that much due to Secret sisters, but know I'm here in prayer....

there is a link that Minny send me that I going to put here for this family that lost their son... or to whoever knows of someone in the service...

a little girl started... she has family members over there in Iraq. Check it out. She will send a free Freedom Bracelet to all who ask.

so please pass this link around to those you know who has someone in the service.... I asked Minny to post it on the thread... but since we are talking about service menand woman it seem to fit...

thank you.

OH keep Dreamweaver in your prayers for she is with her daughter, as relationship with her bf broke up

also for Mustang... that girl gone thought surgery and posted her pictures over on the photo site... she going though alot and I feel she needs prayers.

MKS GOD does care for animals too... hope yours is doing better.
Cathy how is LOBO ?