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I have been reading all your posts, just so busy with things that I have not had time to respond. I pray for you when I read the posts and during the day for those of you whom I feel the Lord has put on my heart.
Ok, I have a new request. A lady named Stephanie has a brain tumor. She had one removed in Dec., but has a new one and they say it is inoperable. She was told these kind of tumors usually end in death in about 13 weeks.
She and her husband, Scott, have a son that is severely autistic. He doesn't speak. Stephanie is having such a hard time, I guess she is doing things, like not being able to keep track of the little son all the time. Long story, but he got out of the house and was found by a police officer. I know God and His angels were watching over this little boy ! I may be wrong, but I think they have another child, too.
I know Stephanie's aunt because we volunteer together at the county extension office. Her aunt, Sue, is so heartbroken over this news. Sue has such a tender heart and told me she would gladly trade places if she could and allow Stephanie to live in her place. Another story, but Sue is a survivor of cancer herself, and is a miracle of God's goodness.
So, please pray for this dear family, that God will take care of them. My heart goes out to them.
I wish I had more time to write about this, but I have to fix dinner now.