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just though i would give you a quickie update on my progress lol so far i have managed to organize my crafts closet ( it is supposed to be the linen closet ) as i dont have the room to have my own craft room ...yet lol Everything is either in one of those plastic organizer things ( the ones you would put screws in ) or old cardboard boxes CLEARLY labeled. I have actually gained a shelf in there now lol i guess it is time to shop so i can fill up that empty space lol

Next on my organizing spree is our bedroom *argh* lol If i dont post for a few days send out a search party lol . It really isnt that bad just the closet is a horrible mess cuz we only have clothes hangers and we store 'junk' on the top shelf and crap on the floor lol that is soon going to be ended though. Also i am going to go through all the clothes and any that we dont wear will be donated to either friends or the thrift store.

Thank you again Craft1 for giving me help on getting organized. Not that you would know by my house , but my computer is so organized it is freaky lol i know EXACTLY where all my graphics are ( i am a computer graphics artist) and exactly where anything i need to use is ( url's for things etc)

Thank you again
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