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I've been meaning to ask for prayers for one of my cats too! I usually forget to post by the time I read all the posts. My cat named Dodo (I had nothing to do with naming him.) has had an ongoing condition that is kindof rare. It is called rodent ulcers although it has nothing to do with eating rodents. It has been going on for about a year now & it just won't go completely away. For the last about 6 month we have been spending about $50 a month to get him shots that keep him feeling good. Dodo has been slowly improving (at it's worst, he couldn't eat because of the sores in his mouth & was very skinny), but it has been frustrating to watch his health go up & down & by now it is quite a drain financially.
Also the other day someone apparently abandoned a dog out at our place. I live in the country & this happens occasionally. Usually I don't have a lot of sympathy for the dogs because I already have 13 cats that I take good care of. Dogs will try to eat their food & the cats are my first priority. Well, this dog seems to be old & have some eye trouble, but it is as sweet & calm as can be. I don't think it could fend for itself, but we just can't keep it. Pray that we will find someone caring to take it. And that we won't be too attached when it goes. Thanks!