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bar-bar...hon, you worry too much!

I am not able to be online as much as before as I have a ton of work to do for the station. It seems that when we took my computer in to the shop and they PROMISED me they'd saved all the important documents and folders on my list that they LIED! One important file that has the past two years worth of bookkeeping records for business who buy ads from us! It is all GONE! I am having to rebuild it all from scratch and I have no clue how that will go.

We have had graduations, bridal shower, baby showerS, and now weddings are starting so, Barb, don't worry I am fine I just am not as available. Did you know that there are not enuf hours in a day or days in a week? Will ee you later.

Keep Jenna and dh in your prayers. Sent her a letter and told her to check in with us.

Looks like everyone is taking a break from their computers. Am keeping you all in my prayers!

Blessings and hugs,
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