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well for one you will see a change in this thread. LOL
the one I was talking about is well you will tell by the post... there 2 things to look for.
I am excited about both.....

and second, dh and I went to see a old time friend that got back in our lives... things is going on in his life and he feels GOD is calling him and others into a ministry, He feels John and I are suppose to be a part in this...
I can't go into details right now. but just keep this in your prayers, that if GOD wants John and I in this ministry HE will open the doors for this, and make things come to focus on what is needed and to reveal it to us without NO doubts.

Linda LOU you are more than welcome

Lynette I hope all is well with you... I praying all is well with everyone in your family, but you got me concern...