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I was on WW before I got pregnant! I had been about 40 lbs overweight for the past 3 years and trying to have a baby. The more we tried to have a bbay with no success the more depressed I got and the more I gained. My doctor kept telling me I needed to lose weight and that would improve my chances. I didn't beleive her until someone at work lost some weight and then got pregnant. I tried several things but there was nothing that worked for me and my family until WW. I was in WW for 9 weeks and lost a total of 18lbs. (The last two weeks I gained because I was actually pregnant and didn't know it!)

My baby is due in two weeks and I have done excellent at keeping my weight at a minimum according to the doctor so she thinks I will be back to my after WW weight after baby and I can resume back to my meetings to keep losing more.

I weighed 191 when I started WW and now I weigh 220 / 9 months pregnant so I hope to get down to 150 by the end of the year.

Good luck with your journey.
Until we "meat" again, break an "egg"

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