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ynette dear... I'm not Linda Lou but this is what you asked her for so I am posting this for her.
you can find this on

Or just read the quote. LOL

Speaking of praise reports, you can write this answer to prayer down in your journals.
Remember the request for my BIL's boss and his wife? The wife was near death for weeks in a coma. They didn't think she would make it, but bless God, she went home yesterday !!!
I know they have a long road ahead of them as they are grieving the death of their unborn twins. It will take some time for her to regain her strength, too, but she is alive ! Continue to pray for them, if you will. Sorry, I still don't know their names. My BIL is not good on answering my questions in his emails. God knows their names, though and that is the important thing.
I called my BIL and left him a message wanting to know what had transpired. He emailed me back and said the prayers must have worked, because this was a miracle!
None of them are believers. I just have had Darrell (BIL) on my heart so strongly lately. I called and told him that and I was praying for him, and that I loved him. Right now, he just needs the Lord so badly. He was taught the ways of the Lord, attended Christian school, but doesn't live the life at all. But, at least he does seem to appreciate the prayers and is not against them

Lynette and Linda LOU Praise GOD you both are alright.

Carol Ann don't work so much in that yard. LOL
sorry you lost those lbs, but we will encourage you as you gan them back and know you will.
just stop worrying about Janet and some of us so much, see what happens. LOL
mmmm is that why I'm losing... maybe I'm worring to much. MMM
a good thought isn't it.

will have a surprise for you all later on... after VBS...
I'm thrilled and shocked.

just haven't had much time as I've been busy with VBS and soon taking my son's gfriend off to work and then off to the chiropractor just wanted to check on our prayer needs.

Love you all.

BE SAFE and praying... love you all my sisters...