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Hey girls... here I am! Took me a bit to crawl out from under the house! ;-)

Storm was bad but not the ugliest one I have ever been in! was very close. The thunder immediately after the flashes and for about 45 minutes it hung over head just near continuous thunder! One are got over 1 inch of rain in 1 hour! We had rain and hail so hard water rolled off my roof! But it was almost humorous for called the first little bit and told me to quit rolling the bowling ball across the floor! That is what it sounded like ...So am curious...could our guardian angels been having a friendly game of bowling??? ;-) More storms on the way today... oh goody. You can guess where I will be.

Linda so good to see you I missed you. I am glad to be back. I need to track down Jenna as well. I am praying for all for the hurts both physical and emotional, for whatever God needs to do in each life, I am praying for His Will. Have to get to a meeting so Love to all, keep safe in the storms and will check in later.

Love to all!

Ps- Linda, could you update me on BIL and his boss/wife's situation? Thanks!
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