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Question Dealing with PUPPP's?

I just want to share that my 8 months of pregnancy was sure bliss until I was diagnosed with PUPPP's. It is a rare pregnancy rash that 1 out of 160 1st time pregnnacies get and it has got to be the worse thing I have EVER experienced!! It does not go away until after baby is born and it is more itchy than chicken poxs (if you can remember that).

I just want to say if there is any of you expecting moms out there with an itchy rash after 20 weeks and you find out it is PUPPP's GET READY!!

The best thing to do is get the rash dried out 1st. I found the easiest thing to do this was Corn Starch powder. Oh yeah and don't even try warm or hot water or your skin will just melt from the flames!!!!! ;-) Cold showers, corn starch then once rash has dried out. If you have a pool or access to a pool this relives some of the itch temporarily and the chlorine helps to dry it out. (The pool also helped me relieve some of my back pain by being able to take some of the pressure and weight off for a little while.) You will know because the small blister type bumps will be gone and the rash will take on a more patchy appearance instead of small bug bite type bumps. Then you need to get the moisture back in skin but beware. Don't use any fancy lotions or your skin, again, will burst into flames!! Use a baby lotion or oil as they are super sensitive. I used the J&J Creamy Oil. It is a baby oil in lotion form so you don't slide all around floor, tub or bed. Last thing you want to do when you are 8-9 months pregnant is fall down from being all luned up with oil!

They say you will return to normal after baby. I can not attest to this yet as I still have 2 more weeks of insance itching before my c-section on June 22 but if there is anyone out there suffering too I would love to have an itch buddy!
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