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I cut down on the time for each washing too.....9 minutes for Dh's work clothes and towels and 6 minutes for the rest of our clothes. I would imagine that you could cut back on time for lesser worn clothes, pjs and stuff like that. Wouldnt it be like washing something on the delicate cycle almost ?

I need to cut back on our electric bill too, especially since we are running the a.c. in our bedroom when DH sleeps and then at night if I need it. I go around turning off lights and anything else that I can. Every little bit helps !

Please let me know how this turns out for you. If it works for you, I might give it a shot on some stuff. What type of detergent are you using ? Ive gone back to better brands of liquid detergent....I love Tide but cant always afford it . I have found with most of the better brands that you can cut way back on the amt. used.

Good Luck !!
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