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Hi Amanda!

Ever looked yourself in the morror and wanted to runawy?
And began looking the other way whenever you saw there was a mirror in your way? thats how I felt for felt for a couple of years, and sometimes still do . I know how to make myself look pretty well, really, its not as I am very pretty, but I know how to enhance the positive parts in my face, and erase the wrong ones ( I was trained to be a model and owned a modeling school when I was in my first 20's, so, I should know...)
But you know when you think that your house is only worth cleaning when it gets really dirty? Thats kinda how it all began. Plus: I always loved the "wow is that her?" look on peoples face when I wanted to make an impression. Gyess one could say I got addicted to it - lol. But years went by - I'm 34 now, not THAT old...- and one day I woke up in a graduation ball in dd's elementary school, the year I was president of the PTA, and in the morning we were all working on putting things together for the party, and some couples were there as well - only one member per couple were part of the PTA, so many of them had seen me only once or twice. Then, I went home, and, as I was suppose to make a speach, I went and made an effort to look great, as I wouldnt do it in ages. When I got back, at the party time, PEOPLE DIDNT RECOGNISE ME! God, believe me, I got shocked ! People said I look great, but the best part is yet to come: a small little town paper talked about the kids graduation, and there was a picture of me reading the speach. When I saw it, I could have hide myself in a hole! I was HUGE!! And the clothe I was wearing didnt fit to my body type - even the jewlery made me fat .I guess I didnt wanted to see how I really looked, and for running away from the mirror, thats where it drove me :mad:

I'll end this story tomorrow ;-) , have to go now.

Big to you all,



"Stones in my path, I pick them all up: one day, I'm going to build a castle!" - Fernando Pessoa, (portuguese poet)
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