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Thank you ajrsmom! It's funny, I knew there were others like me out there, that felt the same way. But it always seems like I'm the only one around here. But that's probably because the other people that are like me are hiding inside their houses LOL

Well, today's the first day. It's pretty overcast, but I'm still going to stick with th eplan. At 9:00 Tony has to go to summer school, so I am going to load everyone up in the van, including the dog, and head to the school. While Tony goes to school, I'll work with the dog and walk the parking lot while the other kids play on the playground.

Then it's back home to take a shower and put on a little make up. I'm going to have to search my bathroom cabinet and see if I have any hair gel (doubt it). If not, I'll add it to my shopping list!
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