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Oh, I want one! I am a Master Food Preserver, so I have tons of canning jars. What a perfect thing for my kitchen. I want to put my dish soap in one.
So, I don't see why a person can't use regular jar lids and rings and use E6000 to glue together, then drill a hole, and use the same glue and glue a pump from something else on top. Sometimes you can buy the old zinc caps at thrift stores or antique shops., if you prefer an old lid.
These would make great gifts for the other gals at the extension office.
I also want to make them some bath jelly, too.
For a fun thing, I made jello and we ate our jello out of the jars. It is cute if you add fruit or veggies to the jello. I may make myself some today just for fun. I use the little 4 ounce jars or half pints.
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