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Never! Of course we made consious decisions for each of ours, and realize that not everyone has. That said, I almost wish we'd had a fourth with the same age difference (roughly 2 years between) - But KNOW we couldn't have lived through the stress!

However, I love the differences between the kids. All three are creative and artisty (they didn't get it from me!) but in different ways and the middle one much more! All three love the sports they play, but the youngest is better for her age than the the other two were! Their looks are different girls are not built the same, and have different hair textures.

We both come from larger familes - and love the advantages and point them out to the kids. DS mentioned wanting to be an only child last week, and we said "Who would make you laugh if you didn't have sisters?" and within an hour he was histerical over something one had done! Time will only tell if our kids can keep the good relationship going.

However, I know the haircut dilema! I grew my own hair out & kept it long till a little over a year ago because it was hard to schedule an appointment for myself without kids! I cut dh & ds with the clippers (paid for itself with first haircut!) and the girls get their bangs trimmed between cuts by me, so they go 3-4 months between saloon visits! (I try to make it 2 months - but really need it by then!)
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