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just checking in with all of you and saying prayes for you all

Candy we are thrilled to have you joined in our group.

Tracy, hate to hear about Billy, hope he be fine soon.

Jenna glad you are looking forward to your son coming home, and that is wonderful that he would be willing to help. I know my son is good to help us around the house and with things too.
glad you mom is handling things alright. that a big help.

Trainlady how are things going for you dear?

Bro Pat thanks for the update.

as we say our prayes, let keep many that are on the boards for prayes as we come across them..

Like Pg36's brother as he is in pain as he going thur chemo

for Breezy... Prasie GOD is thought with chemo, but she still needs prayers to get back the strength she has lost.

for Stormy as she is going thru her hard struggle ing fighing this cancer she has

FOR our sweet Carol Ann for weight.

and so many others

as we join hands in prayers to stand together in the gap for one another, as we are going thru our trails, and struggles, but know we love one another...

God bless you all brothers and sisters in Christ.
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