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someone send this to me so I will pass this on to you. thought it was fitting since this thread is about Remembering.

You were a child in the 60s if....
You couldn't wait to see Batman, which came on two nights in the same week.

You stood in line to see "A Hard Day's Night" and you screamed because all the big kids were screaming.

You thought that Paul was the cute one.

You wore paper dresses and love beads to school.

You remember Jean Shrimpton and Yardley of London lipstick.

You spent most of the summer in metal wheeled skates, and you wore your skate key around your neck.

You had a banana seat bicycle.

You put playing cards in the spokes of your wheels.

You traded "Trolls" at recess.

You remember when Richard Nixon was on Laugh-In.

You were one of the first to do New Math

You remember the television show, "The Ugliest Girl In Town."

You were fortunate enough to see Gene Kelly dance on the big screen.
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