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Race Day Survival Kit

Print the front label and attach to the front side of a clean empty paint can. (Purchase empty can at a hardware store.)

Print back poem and attach to the other side of paint can.

Print the Race Day Pass to put inside with recipient's favorite snacks and goodies. Write in whatever expiration date you like, such as the day after a big game...or make it good for a year, etc. Also include a pizza coupon or maybe one of those discount coupons that come in the mail along with money for a pizza.

Lisa says she prints onto Avery full sheet labels. You could also attach them to the can by covering with clear contact paper. If you have a Xyron machine it works super for labels!

Race Day Survival Kit
2001 by Lisa McIntyre

We know that race is on T.V.
and alone you wish to be.
Just use the pass cause it has powers,
that will let you be alone for hours...

So that you can yell and scream
at the drivers and their racing machines,
watching intensely as they race
hoping your favorite takes first place.

There's snacks in here for you to munch,
as you watch the pretty cars go crunch.
There's a coupon here for pizza too,
cause I won't be there to cook for you.

So enjoy the cars as they go by,
because this time will surely fly,
and you will have to wait again
to be alone with your racing friends!

* You can print the all of the labels from here

printed from

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