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That is really beautiful, Shawn. We had a 5 month old Siberian Husky that was hit by a car. Her passing really took a toll on me. We didn't find her until 2 days after she was hit. I felt like it was my fault because I was the one who let her out to play. I had left and my husband and friend were there with her. He forgot and made a quick run to the store- to find her gone when he returned. My son happened to over hear a conversation on the school bus the next day about how his Uncle ran over a dog, by the church... So we searched every ditch on their road, as the church was only 1/2 mile from us.We found her but not that day, the day after... Thank Goodness it was while my son was at school. My daughter, her boyfriend and I had a nice burial for her, in our backyard. She looked so perfect when found. She had been hit in her pelvis near her back right leg. I know our little baby "Sable" is romping up abpve and having a good time. The reading you posted really helps me look at it in a more positive way.

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