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just in time

Hi again all,
After I finished writing my last posting here the phone rang so it was awhile before heading out to shovel. When I did get out it had just started to rain, freezing rain. Hail even. It was bouncing off my jacket.. But you are right Othelia, If I waited any longer the snow would have been VERRRRRRRRRRRY heavy
Not only did I burn some calories while I was out there shoveling, I don't count them so I don't know how much, I also burned time where I would be thinking about not snacking. I find that I have been thinking a lot about that today. I am really worried that I will start snacking when I never did before just because I am more concious of my eating now.
Don't mind me everyone I am only playing around with some of what is on my screen right now. I had fun with the new icons last week and now it's time to check out the colors and next the fonts.

Well I think I will go and pour myself a tall cold glass of water. With ACV in it of course.
Ciao for now,

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