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(cont'd) Organizing Your Entire Home!


I am a craft nut, and buy things that are on sale even if I'm not using them at the moment. If you have a large room for your crafts it's alot easier to organize...but if you don' can still get organized.

A great space for crafts is the 8 or 10 ft. long folding tables you can find at office supples/discount stores for about $29.00. They are the perfect size for any project...perfect arm height so not to get cramps. I've got three of them in a 'U' type shape and you can just turn your chair around to reach anything you need at the time with tons of room. If you don't have alot of can use one and it makes for great storage underneath, which can be covered with a plastic tablecloth for
a cleaner appearance. I have the large heavy plastic utility shelves for stacking my containers...and a large 4 drawer filing

Buttons: I use the embroidery floss compartment box for
these and sort by color. Works great for separation and
quick to find the right color, especially when your little one or
hubby pops one off just before leaving for school/work.

Fabric/Ceramic Paint: I've found that the large cardboard
sports card boxes (holds 5000 cards) works great.
They are about $3.00 at the sports card stores. They
have 5 rows with a divider. Each row will hold 2 side by
side and 14 back...holding 140 bottles perfectly. Easy
to carry and easy access. I sort from whites, to ivory, to
beige and so forth. I use the small round label dots to
write the name of the color and stick on the top. Therefore,
I can see exactly what color I need without going through
every bottle to find...just at a glance without moving
anything. Love the convenience.

Thread (Sewing): I use the long flatter plastic containers
and sort by color from lightest to darkest. I lay them on
their sides and put them next to each other in rows.
Another easy access, without a mess...especially if you
are sewing numerous colors at a time (like quilting). You
can keep the box near and just replace the one you were
using and choose the next with no effort or tangling when
they are falling in the floor.

Sewing Patterns: I use the flat 12" high size. I cut pieces of
poster board and dividers, labeling with size or type on a
piece about 1" higher than the pattern size. Then file by size
behind the dividers; placing in container from smallest to
largest sizes, then the craft ones by type alphabetically.

Material : I use the large clear tubs for this. I sort each tub
by color from lightest to when I need a certain
color for something...always at my hunting
through large stacks of material. If I just have scraps...I
save them and put in a flat shallow container by color for
use in quilting or small projects.

Embroidery Floss: I've found that the embroidery floss
holders don't work as well as other things to store your
floss. Sometimes I would want a shade lighter than the one
before...but if you file in the box by number...they are out of
color order and difficult to see the numbers on the white
cards you have to write so small; plus you have to take the
time to wrap the thread around each white card. I use the
clear floss bags and write the number on each. Then I
placed on the metal rings by color...lightest to darkest...that
way I can find the next color shade or also I can hunt for the
number easily on the bag if by color number on

Silk/Dried Flowers: I use the shoe type to sort flowers. I
use one for each major color (White, Yellows/Gold,
etc.). I put every type flower in each color box from the
large silk to the small dried. I even put my satin tiny roses
in a baggie (not to get lost in the container) with the large
ones. If I need a certain color for decorating...don't have to
go through a large stash of flowers to locate just the right
color or size.

Silk/Satin Ribbon: The spools of ribbon stand up perfectly
in the shoe type box. Sort by color and then by size.
I used to use the wooden dowel that hung on the wall...but
if you are like me...I have so many spools...the room would
have been covered with them and no room for anything

Brushes/Utensils for Crafts: I've found that the ice cube
trays for the sports bottles work great. They are really
long...usually have about 18 holes for the cubes. You can
find them at the grocery store or cooking shop...about
$2.00. Your brushes stand up on their wooden ends
and it's easy to choose just the right size and shape for
your project. Also holds scrapers, dry brushes, etc.

Scrapbook Supplies:

Scissors/Pens/Stamps - I've found the Scrapbook carriers are
overrated and generally quite expensive. I found some
great large plastic fishing tackle boxes. They fold out and
easy to they have moveable dividers in them...
they work great for sorting supplies and holds alot more
than the largest scrapbook tote.

Papers - I use the large cardboard file boxes. I sort my
paper by: colors, flowers, cartoon, vacation, each holiday,
etc. and place in a file folder, labeling each by type and
putting in alphabetical order. Easy to put your hands on
just the right sheet in seconds, without sorting through
your entire stash of papers for just the right sheet.

Stickers/Item Pictures/Stencils:I use another cardboard file
box for these. The same type process as the paper. Use file
folders for articles (i.e. letters.birds, school items, etc.) and
place in the box in alphabetical order. If you go to
scrapbook parties, you can also do the same process with
the folders except staple up each side of folder so articles
won't fall out. Punch the folded bottom of each with a three
hole punch and place in a 3-ring binder in alphabetical
order, whichever is more useful for your needs.

Scrapbook Articles: I also use the cardboard file box for
this. I place the items for each occasion (photos,
memorabilia, etc.) in a file folder, and label with occasion.
You can pull one folder at a time, with everything
to include...for those few minutes you might have free
to do one/two pages only. Plus, all your articles are
consolidated into one place...not strewn around the
house or craft room. If you have a large quanity for each
person...use one box for each... label with name for
easy access. (This is especially true for school age children
...every paper is a keeper.)

Beads: I use the plastic sports card boxes (a little larger
than the shoe boxes with dividers) to sort by color my
craft beads.

Lace: I cut 10" X 6" rectangles out of poster board and cut
canoe chapes out of each long side to hold the lace without
slipping off. Then wind lace around each one. Place
in a oblong flat container about 8" high on their sides by
color. They don't get tangled or wrinkled.

All Other Crafts - I use the Glad storage containers...they
are great for stacking and alot cheaper than the thick
plastic ones from the craft store for small items...such as
popsicle sticks, nuts, pipe cleaners etc. Then use the larger
plastic for yarns, macrame cord etc. and sort by colors.
For wooden hoops, long stencils and cutting boards...hang
on the wall with metal hooks for easy removal.


Since I'm a frugal person....I purchase gifts all during the year for children, grandbabies and friends for Christmas, Birthdays and Misc. I had to have a way of keeping up with it all. So I made up a sheet on the computer (in Excel, Lotus, etc.) for each type.

Christmas - I put the each person's name, item, color, size and cost as titles on each column. Then when I find a great deal...I purchase the item and log on the computer. That way, I know what I've purchased for each person (i.e. if I find $15.00 turtleneck on sale off season for $2.00...I'll purchase and later find some slacks or something to match or if I find a great deal on books...get them and don't duplicate later). Then when Christmas arrives I can compare total costs. (Try to keep each category of relatives/people within a couple of dollars of each other...don't want to show partiality.) After logging on the computer, I store in a large plastic tub (I have one for each child and grandchild). I label with occasion and name. This works great too for parents on a budget with small children. You can purchase all during the year when things aren't as high and on containers in the garage, attic ...just make sure if children can read, the label is turned towards a wall or solid area... so nosey children won't peak. It takes the pressure off of can just enjoy
the season, without the stress.

Another full post...will continue on next one...probably the last one.
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