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I am a laundry nut! I sincerely enjoy doing laundry. Personally I prefer liquid since I also use this for my pre-treater. I have also decided that being frugal with laundry detergent just doesn't work and in the end can end up costing more. Cheap detergents (even some name brands!) just don't do a good job of cleaning laundry. I even tried making my own but found my clothes just looked dingy. This is why I will spend the extra to buy Tide liquid. Tide is a wonderful pre-treater with the new (I got several free!) "Kick". My dd 2 prefers Gain because it smells good but it can't come close to the cleaning of Tide. No I don't work for Tide.

One thing I do highly recommend is using one of the dye catchers available. They really do work! As much as I enjoy laundry I have made some incredible (and funny!) flubs. Since I started using dye catchers they are few and far between now.

Good luck! I think you'll find that what works for one may not work for you so compare prices and see which is more convenient for your storage and usage.
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