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(cont'd) Organizing Your Entire Home!


1. Coupons

Grocery - I use the plastic shoe box type container
due to the fact...I'm a real couponer. I generally save
$30/$40 a have alot of them. I separate
by particular items instead of general categories (that
takes too much time filing time and searching on
grocery day). I sort i.e. flour, cornmeal, muffins, cereal
green beans... just exactly what it is in a general way.
I don't break down into frozen green beans, canned
green beans...just the basic. I use the large index
file alphabetical cards. I label my name on each. If
you don't want to purchase several of those packages
you can cut your own out of poster board. This
makes it so much easier/quicker to find.

Restaurants - Have tons of have separate ones
by the most (i.e. Dominoe's, etc.) then have one for
infrequent coupons under miscellaneous.

All Other - I use coupons for everything. I use another
one for everything else...all other categories by: Auto,
Eyes (for glasses,etc.), Entertainment (movie
offers, water parks, etc.), Department Stores (10% off,
etc.), Photography (developing, portraits, etc.),
Cleaning (bulk order or % off), Hair (styles, coloring,
etc.), Toys/Games (% off or offers), Videos/DVD's (rent
one/get one free, etc.), then Misc. (carpet cleaning and
any other)

Everyone can save a ton of money if they don't have to purchase things you don't normally buy just because you have a coupon. But there are so many for almost everything now, that it's hard not to save if you just spend a
little time organizing...then it's a breeze. If you need paper towels at the grocery in a hurry...check paper towels in a split
second to see if you have a coupon. No time hunting them down or going through stacks...always at your finger tips.
Not an organizing tip...but a frugal tip. I've found that you
never go large grocery shopping on the first or third week of the month. The grocery stores never have really good sales during these weeks, I think it's because they know that alot of people
only get paid on the first day of the month...or the 1st
and 15th...they can bring in more money by not offering alot of
items that everyone uses. The buy one, get one frees are always on the second or fourth week...and most of the major products like paper towels, soap powders and toilet paper. See if that isn't the case in your area, as well.

2. UPC's - My grandbabies are always wanting to send off
for something that requires several UPC codes...I
never seem to have enough of the right ones. So I
started taking them off of everything that generally
at sometime has offers. I write what it is and file as I
do the coupons except by name brand for the dividers
(i.e. Pillsbury, Kellogg's, etc.), then I use an index
file card for the varied UPC's by stapling them to it,
with the name of the individual product (i.e. Fruity
Pebbles, Corn Flakes, etc.) written or typed at the
top. I put my grocery receipts in the back, in case
a cash register receipt is required. Now whenever
the grandbabies want to send off for something...
they call grandma...she always has the required items
at quick reference.

3. Video Tapes/CD's/DVD's - I have shelves for all of
our above. I alphabetize by Title for the DVD's and
Video Tapes (when I purchase them...I enter them
on a program like Excel or Lotus...which has Title,
Date Made, Type of Movie/Video and Actors/Artist.
If someone wants to borrow a certain movie/tape
...I can easily find it...and also log their name next
to the tape on the program. Movies are easy to
locate...or actors in, you know who has
your item. I go to extremes though...I even have
our music CD's logged by song. This works great
for me, because involved in alot of volunteer fund
raisers, school activities that required a certain
song...I am able to quickly check to see if I have
the music...then go right to the CD...alphabetized
by artist name on the shelf (which is logged with the
song on the computer). Has really worked great for

4. Nail Care - I use a baseball card plastic storage
box. (It's like the embroidery floss boxes with the
moveable compartments...but taller and can be found
at sports card shops and craft stores). I move the
compartments to sort my nail polish by pinks, reds,
oranges, clear/white. Then use the other
compartments for clippers, cuticle removers, cotton
balls/q-tips and remover. This again is a one stop
manicure set...with everything you need in one

5. Beach Supplies - I use a larger flat container. I supply
with sunscreens, tanning lotion, box of sanity wipes,
several large ziploc bags for shell collecting and one
for any trash we might accumulate, a shovel & small
molds for child's sand play, visors and/or collapsible
cotton hats, uninflated beach toys, several rolled
beach towels, and a portable CD/or radio. When
everyone wants to go to the beach...grab your
container and go.

6. Mittens/gloves - I use several plastic shoe containers
for these. I have one for tobaggons/hats for the
adults and one for gloves. Then I have one for the
children. This way the gloves and hats are always
to be found...never just one glove. They
no messy hall/coat closet.


1. Medical supplies - I have several containers for these
because there is never enough room in a normal
medicine cabinet. I use the shoe box size for these
and store under the cabinet if you don't have small
children...or on a bathroom closet shelf if you do.
I put band-aids, bandages, tape and ointments in
one. I have another for ace bandages, wraps,
elastic wraps and clamps. Then another for antacids,
eye drops, cough drops, etc. Then another for the
cotton balls, q-tips, etc.
2. Curlers - Sponge rollers for the children...or all other
curlers for adults (like the extra hot rollers) work
great in these containers. No loose rollers
3. Small samples of Soap/Shampoos, etc. - If you buy
small sample size items for the bath for guests...the
excess ones are stored neatly in one of these
containers. Also ones you might get at hotels/ motels
or samples in the mail can also be stored here...out of
the drawers and loose in the cabinets.

These all stack and store easily under your bathroom cabinet or in the closet for no mess and clutter.


(I've already gone through the things I do in my closet with clothes, shoes, scarves, etc. in the "Introduce Yourself" section...but left off one thing.)

Socks: I store mine and my hubby's socks in the plastic
shoe containers. I course my are separate from
his...but roll each pair (so not to stretch top by folding
around)...then place in container. I sort by color (I
think he's color blind...will inevitably put on navy with
black and vice this works well...doesn't mess
up.) I put sport white socks in one, black in another,
navy in another and so on...then of course label and
stack in the closet. Doesn't take up a whole
drawer...easy access...and no messy sock

Well, another maxed out post...will continue on next one.
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