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Drugs prescribed by physicians have been the root of more deaths in the US than over the counter diet supplements. Yes, the FDA will take things off the market if people complain. Working at a pharmacy and there was a drug Accutane that when it first came out certain doctors were using it on cancer patients and it was actually shrinking cancerous tumors in a lot of cases. It caused people to be nauseated, FDA took it off the market, it was made less effective and then put back on. No longer helping shrinkage of cancerous tumors.
I'm a size 3 so I don't worry about the weight thing so much even though we all are never happy with the way we look, I work out but still lack that little bit of energy that I got from the Metabolife and boy do I miss it like crazy!
If the drugs had killed many people I'd think it was the drug but it affected people that had heart problems that shouldn't have been taking it anyway and it clearly stated to consult with a physician before using. I know I did, kept check of my blood pressure and he checked my heart out every time I went because he knew I was taking them. Common sense when using something over the counter really works wonders.
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