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I don't know that I would try a 'Wal-mart' mouth guard, Cathy. I am lucky cause I have a good dental plan through my work and didn't have to pay for it, but they have to take impressions of your mouth and then send away to have it made. Then I come back for a 'fitting'! As I said earlier I am on my second one!!
It's easy for me to say to try to not fret and stress after I just took a week off work for what I called a 'sanity break'!!
When I get real stressed I can't eat...guess I am lucky there.
What is the most stressful thing you have to deal with right now? Sometimes it helps just to talk about it At least you have your faith and that is good...what ever you believe in, just pray & talk to your God, angels...whomever and they will listen and help you!
Take care, Cathy, we all love you here

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