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Breezy, LOL!!!

That would be funny to see-LOL!

I have two cats now, Chili and Paprika...Chili is the mom. When Chili was a baby she used to go outside with her mom, Spicy. And when Chili was 8 months old she got pregnant and then when she was nearly a year old we moved. She was used to it but being inside since having her kittens and being fixed, she now is terrified of everything. I've let her outside before and she does this everytime, you'd think she was locked up inside all her life-LOL! Her kitten Paprika, who's nearly one now is the one I worry about because when he goes outside he ends up on my neighbor's roofs-LOL! So, I don't let him out anymore...Chili is scared of everything even indoors. Ugh, she's nothing like her mom, Spicy, Chili is frightened of her own shadow-LOL!
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