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sounds familiar

My husband of 3 years does the same to my 16 yo son.

I am sooooooooooo tired of the way he nitpicks at everything she does, or dosent do. He seems to find fault with everything, and actually looks for things wrong to complain about.

My DH does this ALL the time -also calls him bad names says hes a "F--- up". My kid is not all that bad. Yes, he gets snotty at times, and argues a bit, but he is 16. Hes never had a dad in his life, to show him how to fix a car etc...

His 13 yo son lives with us. And I see favortism all the time. DH treats my son with no respect, so my son treats himw/n respect either. Its caused alot of fights around here. I tend to treat his son badly because of the way mine is treated, which bothers me.
I am losing mylove for my husband because of the way he treats my son. My son is trying to find another place to stay back home, and it crushes meand breaks my heart. Sometimes I wish Id never married this man.
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