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I just took my measurements on Sunday morning and just today told dh he needs to hide the scale from me so that I only do weigh myself once a week! I will remeasure a month and one day from Sunday as in exactly a month it will be mothers day and just in case I dont lose any inches I dont want to be mad or sad that day!!lol
I have lots of leftover baby fat to lose, mostly from my first one! After 6 weeks I am only up 8 lbs from when I got pregnant this time but lots more from the first! Now if only I could find time to excersise in the morning before everyone is up but thats hard because I am nursing let me tell you cant work out when your full of milk! Hey do you think I could subtract a few lbs off from that?
I did do part of an excersize video but I had 2 little ones running around trying to work out with me! lol They were cute but I couldnt concentrate very well!
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