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My empty nest is 10 years overdue!

Sometimes the empty nest can be threatening. I will never know how I would have reacted if it had happened back when the kids were graduating, getting jobs, getting married, etc.

All the kids were married between 1985 and 1991. But '91 was also the year the first 2 grandkids were born. I can't describe the surprise when the daughter who "always wanted to be just a mom" informed me she was going back to work after the baby was born. I know! I brought it on myself. But I just couldn't stand the idea of the baby going to daycare or a sitter. So I watched her and even home-schooled her for a while.

I eventually ended up watching 3 grandkids full-time over the years. Plus all the kids complete with spouses and their kids came back to live with us for various reasons (waiting for a house to be built, looking for jobs and a home after moving back from another state, living with us for five years after the husband of one daughter left her and the baby). Praise God she remarried and has a wonderful marriage now after some initial problems. And the miracle is that when they were staying with us, we all got along.

There have been no breaks for us since '91 and we are not done yet. The 3 yr old we watch now will be with us till she starts kindergarten.

Do I regret the time I have spent on the family? No. I can honestly say the rewards have been greater than the inconveniences. The kids have been hand-raised in the family and we are very close to them. The investment in their lives will bear fruit.

Are any of you in the same situation? I would enjoy "chatting" with you about things like keeping the kids busy, discipline, finding time for my interests, etc. I's love to hear from you.
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