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Yes PLEASE.... let's start a thread under Jewish Holidays and Celebrations. I would be honored to have you share with me!!!!!!!

I will think of you as well when we open the door for Elijah.
Do you use wine or grape juice for your cups?
I like the charoeth but the horseradish is hard to take
We used cilantro for the bitter herb we dipped in salt water and I am typing the 4 questions for my son to read this year.
What do you do for the child who finds the Afikomen?
Any other ideas for the Passover itself would be great.

I would also love to find a menorah for Hannukah. I try to make them, but it isn't quite the same. Do you live somewhere that if I sent you $$$ you could get one for me?

Hugs to my new friend!

As a Christian I love to see how the holidays have such a significance in my life. I realize you may not feel the same...but I can tell you this. The love and respect I have for the Jewish people is sincere and I am so grateful to have been blessed with you to be my friend! I hope that you feel the same way.

I will be looking for that new thread!
BTW, another holiday that also I am curious about is PURIM. I know it commemorates when Esther saved her people....right? But what all is involved in that. I am so anxious to learn.
See you under our new thread???
Hugs and Blessings,

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