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Hi, I just joined a club in December, called $20. club...
There are 12 of us and we meet once a month, each bring $20. and draw a name; that person wins the money, gets to host the party the following month, and provides the snacks and entertainment. Best of all has $240. to spend on themself (not for bills)! They also pick a letter and we each buy a $2. gift that starts with that letter, and bring in a bag. We draw names for those, and can pick a bag, or steal one of the others who has already opened theirs! So everyone comes away with a gift, and you only have to host once a year. (once you have won the money, your name doesn't go in again). I just hosted this week and because I am a herbalist we made facial scrubs, lip balms, etc. but mostly we just play a board game...whatever you want..then we show what we spent the money on (or what we plan to get) I got my massage table I have been wanting!
It's a nice get together, and once a month may not be enough for you, but I work full time and am trying to get my herbal business going, so am busy, but just a night out for myself!

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