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day 2 of far, so good - I was a little hungry last night but tolerable. Yesterday I had an omelette with lf cheese and mushrooms/red onion...(March break did not get up til late ) pistacheos for snack mid afternoon and for supper I made the greek salad and Savory Chicken Saute (both recipes in the book) and BOTH were excellent! This a.m. another late a.m. so I had the ricotta cheese with cocoa and I really liked it...will have an egg later for late lunch but am wondering about supper....I am having a hard time coming up or seeing that I can make suppers...hubby and I are both trying this. Anyway, wanted to get on this thread and hopefully people will share their recipes for meals for phase 1 and we can encourage one another etc. I also bought an XL glider and am doing between 15 mins to 30 mins on it a day...
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