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2004 New Improved Trade/Swap Forum

Welcome to the new Trade/Swap Forum. We are changing this forum a little and going back to the way it was originally set up. You may list items for trade/swap and respond on this board. The original guidelines will be posted below. You may also thank the person or notify that you have received it. We do ask that you keep the chat to a minimum. We will be editing this thread as we do with the "What did you do frugal today" after 100 pages, it will be closed and a new one started. You will be notified of closing so that if you have a item still available, or a search for a item posted, you can repost it to the newest thread.
I hope this will work well for everyone and if you encounter any problems, please let me know.

The swap board will at least for now, be limited to persons with a minimum of 100 posts. (the total number is right under your name on any post you leave). If you do not fall into the post requirements, your wish will be removed. NOTE: If you at one time had 100 posts and are now under 100 due to deletion of threads, please contact Anna or one of the other moderators. We will take this under consideration and allow you to partake.

Guidelines of Swapping

~ Be Patient:

~ Do this with the realization that the postal service is Snail Mail, it can take up to 2 weeks depending on how far the item has to go.

~ Realize that life is hectic and schedules tight, so if the item hasn't arrived give it a little more time. People may be sick, have a sick child, car broke down, etc.

~ If the item is disappointing, still thank the giver and donate the item to charity.

~ Be kind to each other and realize that each item is given in good faith.

~ No money should be exchanged. If the giver and receiver want to exchange for postal cost, that should be done privately using PM or e-mail.

Have fun and go clean out those closets!


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