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About 15 years ago, my old and well-used Singer died, and I went shopping to buy a new one. I got a brand i'd never heard of before that, a Riccar. It's all metal, NOTHING every breaks, it needs very little maintenance, and it is a total workhorse. I have sewn several sets of upholstery slipcovers, wardrobes for two kids and a lot of stuff for myself, my preschool class, my Girl Scout troop, the Cub scouts, my kids' classes, Halloween Costumes, and decorated 3 homes. In addition, my husband used to be a drama teacher for 7 years and borrowed my machine for the teens to make costumes. I drew arrows for threading in green enamal paintpens. With all that usage, it has been an exceptional purchase. Riccar machines are very sturdy, like I said all-metal, and it's survived hell and back, and still working. I don't use things like fancy embroidery and such, but I do need something that will stitch blue jeans and welted hems and other heavy-duty stuff, and it's great. I haven't seen Riccars advertised much, only have seen them for sale at vacuum/sewing machine repair places. When we moved here and I brought it in for a tune-up, the repair shop said they sell quite a few Riccars but they rarely get them in for repairs and never for trade-ins, it's a good solid machine. I don't remember what I paid, but it was very reasonable.

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