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Here is what I do.

For animal critters I use Cayenne pepper. So far it has kept the cats and rabbits away. Sprinkle all over the garden after rain. Keep off of plants though.

For cabbage worms and potato bugs I have used dt powder in the past. This year I have planted onions, marigolds and geraniums around these beds.

For slugs just place a tuna can full of beer buried to the rim in the ground. You will have to check it every morning.

For the birds in my strawberry patch last year, I painted little rocks red. I only lost a few berries last year.

I usually get a lot of aphids so I place ant traps around the vegetable and herb gardens. I will spray aphid infested plants with a strong spray of water and sometimes mix a little dish soap into a spray bottle with water and spray the plants. I frequently find lady bugs in the house and vehicle. I will capture them and place them in the garden where I see lots of aphids.

Now can someone tell me how to repel Mosquitos!
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