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shocking wow that was really long

LOL.. I realize that was really long.. So proabaly nobody read the "History of Passover" but that's OK...

Because the best part about Passover is the food!

For the 8 days of Passover, you are not supposed to eat anything that has any leavening in it.. No breads, cakes, pastries, any thing with yeasts or baking sodas, or natural leavening..

So only Matzoh, matzoh-meal or potato flour is used the cooking .. It can make for a challenging culinary adventure..

There are wonderful rich recipies for flourless chocolate tortes..
Mirangues are very popular desserts this time of year as well...
Wonderful cocolate-y and fruity creations are served at Passover... (Ambrosia is one of my favorites)..

I have a lot of happy memories of Passover seders growing up.. I'm not sure who will be making the sedar this year.. But I know my daughter will be asking the Four Questions, just like I did for many years.

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