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I don't have to submit anything to my state since I homeschool under an umbrella school. At the beginning of the year when we register, I submit what curriculum we use, then on Jan 15th & Jul 15th I submit attendance and grades. That's it!

Now, once we start high school next year, I'll keep more detailed records but I don't believe I have to submit that to the state, I'll just continue to submit what the umbrella school requires of me. I know I do have to keep some type of point system, but I'll delve deeper into that over spring break.

And GREAT NEWS!!! I found out that I do not have to test afterall. My umbrella does not require testing, they just recommend it. I'm breathing a sigh of relief; however, I am still going to have my son tested in April so I can see where his weaknesses are and where we need to work harder.

I thought parenting was tough! HA!
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