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Wow, must be nice to homeschool in CA with no requirements! Here in PA we have one of the strictest HS laws around. We have to file an afidavit that we intend to homeschool. We need to keep a log of hours or days, days is easiest. We also need to file what subjects we intend to cover with the afidavit to make sure we meet our state HS laws. At the end of the year we have to turn in a portfolio showing progression in each subject, log of hours or days, and have the child evaluated by a licensed evaluator. Since we are enrolled in the cyber charter we are exempt from these requirements but will have to file the afidavit when our little guy turns eight. There are talks about changing the age to five but we're hoping that doesn't happen. They were talking about changing the whole HS law a while back but to my knowledge that didn't go through. Maybe one of these days they will.

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