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Gastric bypass surgery

I've recently had gastric bypass surgery, on Sept. 3 2003 just 4 months ago. I was 366 lbs. @ time of surgery, I was also diabetic and retaining water like a sponge I could't walk more than a few feet, nor sit for any legnth of time without great difficulty or severe swelling , I have so far lost over 105 lbs. I am currently not on insulin , & not taking as many pills to function the triglycerides & cholesteral levels are getting back under control I am able to walk into stores and accomplish my errands without as much sweating, aching back & feet that were in horrible pain.(I would sweat profusely from the time I entered a store, any store or just coming in from outside, as into work, I really didn't realize how messed up I really was.) I am so glad I talked to other people who had it done I went into checked out the pos & cons & risks, my doctor agreed that it would be in my best interest if this is something I could decide to do. she said if I kept going like I was, that I would've been at great risk to die in 2-3 yrs. I went to fountain valley hosp. in so. Cal. (my sister-in-law went to the same group of surgeons) decided on going with Dr. Philip Chin. he was very good & highly recommended. I won't say that it was easy but it 's not as hard as I thought it would be for my very first surgery ever, and I was VERY frightened. Yes the first 2 weeks is just protien drinks, yogurt, pudding & jello but then you get to gradually add more soft solids then by 6 weeks its whatever -BUT-you will have to change the gulp-n-go mentality. This procedure forces you to slow down and actually chew & taste your food. I think it is a good thing I still go out to eat at my favorite chinese resturant but I get to take it home & enjoy it for a few more meals I love that I am getting more for my money in a way. instead of just getting my money's worth out of the buffet & being full & miserable for 2 hrs.

If you want to ask me any questions you can.
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