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Turkey Gumbo

The Remains of a Turkey
1/2 Pound of Lean Ham
2 Tablespoons of Butter, or 1 of Lard
A Bay Leaf
3 Sprigs of Parsley
3 Dozen Oysters
A Large Onion
A Sprig of Thyme
2 Quarts of Oyster Liquor
1/2 Pod of Red Pepper, Without the Seeds
2 Tablespoonfuls of File
Salt, Pepper and Cayenne to Taste

Chop turkey fine and add to the hot lard, and then put in the ham, cut fine into dice shape. Cover closely and fry for about five or ten minutes.

Then add the onion, parsley and thyme, stirring occasionally to prevent burning. When nicely browned add the boiling water and throw in the bones and carcass of the Turkey.

Add the oyster stock which has been thoroughly heated. Add the bay leaf, chopped very fine, and the pepper pod, cut in two, and set the Gumbo back to simmer for about an hour longer.

When nearly ready to serve dinner, and while the Gumbo is boiling, add the fresh oysters. Let the Gumbo remain on the stove for about three minutes longer and then remove the pot from the fire.

Have ready the tureens, set in a bainmarie, or hot water bath, for once the "File" is added the Gumbo must never be warmed over.

Take two tablespoonfuls of the "File" and drop gradually into the pot of boiling hot Gumbo, stirring slowly to mix thoroughly. Serve with Boiled Rice.

Sweet Potato Pudding

A Pint of Mashed Sweet Potatoes
1/2 Pound of Sugar
1/2 Pound of Butter 8 Eggs
The Juice and Rind of an Orange and Lemon
1/4 Spoonful Each of Ground Mace, Cinnamon and Allspice
1/4 of a Grated Nutmeg
2 Tablespoonfuls of Brandy
1/2 Cupful of Sherry

Grate the Potatoes and mash them though a sieve, if you use them raw. If you use the cold boiled Potatoes, simply mash them.

Beat the butter and the sugar to a rich cream, and add the well-beaten yolks of the eggs, and then add the grated Potatoes and the spices, and finally the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth. Mix all well.

Add the liquors. Turn into a buttered baking pan, and let the Pudding bake in a moderate oven for three-quarters of an hour. The addition of the liquor is optional.

Serve hot or cold, with a Cream Sauce.

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