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this will be long!

Well, first I write down everything I have in my pantry, freezer, etc. That way I know what I already have when I make out my grocery list. Then I plan my menu, using the things I already have, and making my list according to what is on sale, what I have coupons for, etc. I try to start planning ahead, so I can watch for sales, or I alter the menu to fit the sales. Then I shop!! I'll cut up the meat and chop the veggies as I put the grocieries away--this saves a lot of time later! I'll also make any sauces I may need, or at least get the ingredients measured out. The next day is cooking day. Make sure your kitchen is clean the night before, and that you have a sink of dishwater ready to go--it's easier to just wash the stuff as you go than try to face a lot of dishes after! You'll have to compare your recipes and see what can be cooked together(same temp, amount of time, etc.) I usually write it down so I don't lose track. Also, be sure to take breaks!

This can be a very tiring experience, so I suggest getting a sitter! It takes organization and a bit of planning, but once it's done, it's a wonderful thing! It took me about 9 hours to do it all, but that's less time than I would spend if I "cooked" every night!

And, I usually have extra stuff on hand, just in case I'm running super late, or just change my mind about what to have for dinner!
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