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Handicrafter..What an ordeal! ((( huggs))) I am so sorry to hear of your experience. To have what should have been a freeing proceedure turn into a handicaping nightmare must be more difficult than any of us can imagine.

crystalk, it's also important that you understand that GBS is not a normal or common complication of bariatric, or any other surgery... No one really knows what brings it on.. It can happen to anyone at any time..not just as a result of surgery. It usually presents after a sore throat, or bad bout of gastritis...

It's suspected that a viral or bacterial infection can be the thing that triggers the immune system to go haywire..and attack your own body. It causes the body's immune system to attack the peripheal nerves..and destroy the sheathing that protects them.

I too am considering this surgery. Since I was disabled, I have been unable to exercise without pain..and the lack of exercise caused me to be sedentary and gain weight..which contributed to the pain, which leads to being sedentary which adds the weight which increases the pain which... you get the drift... lol

So it's a risk . every surgery is. But I've had 2 back surgeries.. 3 abdominal surgeries..and they want to so more operations too...

I think I'd rather do this one next..and avoid any others...

Maybe Nini and I should chat....

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