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chuckle I know who you feel

I know excally how you feel. I quit my job to stay at home for a while even though hubby makes enough money on paper that is not really the outcome. I just made myslef sat down and go through all of your bills and i relize now that i made a mistake on how to do a budget i was all ways paying things late or not paying them at all because i didnot have the money to pay them. So i came up with a better way to do a budget for us. You can e-mail me because it alot to write on a thread. now i am at peace with it. I have one more bill to catch up on and everything i have will be current and i will even have somemoney maybe to put in a passbook savings account at the end of the month. There alot of books out there but my problem was they were for higher income people it really did not apply to me. I will glad to help you and give you a few ideas if you want good luck sue
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