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gastric bypass

Well both myself and my husband had this surgery in Dec. 2000.

I developed complications and contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome (GBS) because I had this surgery. I was hospitalized for nearly 9 months. The GBS paralyzzed me from my lungs to my toes. Couldn't even breathe without assistance from a ventilator for several weeks. Was in a wheelchair for 15 months. Now walk assisted with a walker. Still have no feeling from my knees down. Will take another 2 yrs to fully recover IF my body doesn't decide to stop healing (which is another side trait to this disease). Doctors say the GBS will reduce my life expectancy by 15-25 yrs. So if I would've normally lived to be 75-80 yrs old I can now expect that to be 50-55 yrs old. I'm currently 44.

My husband had other complications not derived from this surgery but because of my illness he had to lift me in and out of the bed to the wheelchair and into the tub or toilet or whatever needs were necessary. He developed a hernia and had it repaired twice while I was wheelchair bound.

So can I recommed it? No way! Did I loose weight? Yes I did - but at what price?:mad: :mad: :mad:
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