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Thanks for the info. I've been looking at labels for years and SUPRISE dh is suddenly interested in them too ever since his friend had to have angioplasty at age 42. Put a friendly scare into him for sure.

Somersizing advocates natural foods, whole grains etc. and never to buy processed (recognizing that sometimes you have to). Aspertame in things is also a big no-no...there goes the soda! Sorry but everyonce in awhile I have to have a pepsi-one.

The recipes are suprisingly easy and most can be made from easy to find ingredients; take less than 30 min. most of them too. I'm loving the taste difference in our foods. Never will I get regular tortillas again, only the whole wheat ones-what a difference.

Unlike Atkins you can eat carbs but only good ones. Dieticians will tell you that completely eliminating one thing can dangerous.
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