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Hi, so my sister talked me into doing the full blown Atkins thing to help her get through it, I have committed myself to the full 2 weeks of the induction period, (the hard part) we will see how that goes, and if it works, then i will go on to the next phase.

My mother and father in law started Atkins over a year ago and she has lost over 75 lbs and he has lost somewhere around 50. But they both look and feel awesome, I was so impressed! Also, he is diabetic and was taking large doses of insulin, but within the first couple of weeks he tapered that off and does not even need it anymore!!! They plan to continue with the Atkins lifestyle for the rest of their lives. And once you get through the first stages of it, it really just comes down to eating the way you knew you should have in the first place.

ANyway, it has also been proven to LOWER bad cholesterol, so heck, that can't hurt either!
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