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One thing that's been brought up is the reluctance to jump in to help in a "stranger-to-stranger" rescue situation... 95% of rescues involve people who you know.. family and friends... There is no legal obligation to help anyone... even if you have a CPR or First Aid certification. Only professionals and people who "advertise" that they have training are required to help. The reluctance to make contact with a stranger is understandable, and should really be left to the professionals.

If you DO choose to get involved... You are protected from prosecution by what's called "Good Samaritan Laws" Meaning that as long as you can substantiate that you acted without malace, and within your level of training, you cannot be prosecuted for any crime; and you are also protected from civil actions. Every state has Good Samaritan legislation.

But remember like I said before..95% of civilian CPR is done on family and friends... .in an emergency, the professionals are many minutes away..and it's you and your family member waiting for help...

Did you know that there was a pilot program in the city of Seattle in the 1980's..where for a period of years.. in order to get your Driver's license, you had to have a CPR card. So 93% of the adults in Seattle were CPR certified. It turned out that the survival rate for cardiac arrests in Seattle was 65%..Thhat same period of time, survival rates in Chicago, LA and NY..were all less than 5% ( not a typo).

Having someone on the scene who could start CPR within the first 4 minutes.. made all the difference in survival rates...

Barb, I hear what you are saying about the time and the Babysitting... When I ran my own business, I brought classes into peoples' homes... I was like the "Tupperware Lady" of CPR and First Aid classes... I was so sorry when I got hurt this last time and couldn't recertify.. I lost my ability to run my business
. It was a great service.

Kids can learn First Aid and CPR.. as long as they understand what NOT to do... You can teach a 10 year old when to do and NOT to do the Heimlich maneuver... You can teach a 4 year old how to call 911, as long as they know their address ..and can stay calm on the phone.

Both my kids are CPR certified, and my older DD is First Aid Certified too...
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